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We buy and sell used semi trailers direct from hauliers and private owners. Some of the different types of second hand semi trailers we buy include bulk tankers, refrigerated units, tippers and flatbed trailers. Sell your used semi-trailer today!

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Semi trailers are an integral part of keeping the UK and the entire world functioning as we know it today. Without semi trailers, we would be unable to transport our daily essentials such as fuel, grains, stones, coals, milk, meat, furniture, supermarket products, the list goes on and on.

Sell Your Used Semi Trailers LAG Bitumen Tanker

Used Semi Trailer Dealers

We have over 20 years experience in buying and selling used semi trailers for the UK and international market. We are one of the UK’s leading used semi trailer dealers. Although we sell some of our used trailers to private owners in the UK. We export around 90% of our second hand semi trailers to major haulage companies in Eastern Europe, Asia and Africa.

Do You Have Any Second Hand or Used Semi Trailers For Sale?

If you’re a private owner, transport or finance company with used semi trailers for sale, get in touch with us today for a quote. We’re always looking to buy any used semi trailers directly from the owners. Our dedicated sales team will offer you the most competitive prices for all your second hand semi trailers for sale.

Do you own any HGV trailers for sale?

Our customers always expect top quality HGV trailers at an affordable price. Therefore, it’s important that we source our used semi trailers for sale by owner drivers and direct from transport companies. Once our team have checked the trailers over, buyers get a clean, reliable trailer at a cheap price.

There’s a HGV trailer fit for every purpose.  Below is a list of the most popular semi trailer types we buy. Get in touch with us today to sell your semi trailers and get the best price for export.

Bulk Tank Semi Trailers

Used Bitumen tanker

Bitumen tankers carry bitumen, hot asphalt and other materials. Bitumen is widely used for surfacing roads.

Used Cement Tanker

Cement tankers or also known as silo tankers are used for transporting a wide range of bulk items such as wheat, lime and flour.

Used Chemical Tanker

Chemical tankers are used for carrying bulk chemicals including corrosive, explosive and highly flammable products.

Used Fuel Tank Trailers

Fuel tank trailers carry different types of fuel like petroleum, diesel oil and benzene.

used silo tanks

Silo tankers are interchangeable with the products that can be carried in them. Silo tanks can transport things like flour, cement, lime, wheat and more.

Used Milk Silo Tanks

Milk silo tankers are used for transporting fresh milk.

Closed Body Semi Trailers

Sell your used semi trailers and refrigerated units

Used Refrigerated Semi Trailers

Our temperature controlled, used refrigerated trailers can be used to transport chilled items like meat, dairy products, flowers and more.

Used Curtainside Semi Trailers

Curtainside semi trailers make loading and unloading of bulk items easy. Because the side curtains slide open, a forklift truck can gain side access to the trailer.

Open Body Semi Trailers

Used Container Chassis Semi Trailers

Container chassis, skeletal or skelly semi trailers are designed to carry cargo containers.

Used Flatbed Semi Trailers

Flatbed semi trailers are entirely flat surfaced. Flatbeds are used to transport anything from other vehicles, building structures, heavy loads and more.

Used Tipper Trailers

Tipping semi trailers are used to move materials like stones, grains, soil and more. The front end of the tipper lifts up, therefore, the materials can easily be emptied by sliding out of the rear hatch.